Purchasing Your Domain Name And Hosting Service

Purchasing your domain name and hosting service

You have started a new business and things may be going well or you may not have started properly yet, but your next step is buying a domain name. What is a domain name? Well, a domain name is the part after www. For example, simswebsolutions.co.uk, google.co.uk or amazon.com.

The easier the domain name is to remember, the better in my opinion, as this will help people remember your business website. If your business name is ‘Carl’s Cakes Oldham’, carlscakes.co.uk is easier to remember than carlscakesoldham.co.uk. A lot of domains will have already been taken, so the ideal domain name may not be available. A classic example of a high-end company where the domain name is not available is https://nissan.com/. Most people would assume that this domain belongs to Nissan, the car manufacturer, but it has been taken and held by a different user for a long time now.


A few things to consider when buying a domain

  • Price when first purchasing with offers
  • Renewal price
  • Support

I have used three companies so far for domain names, but there are many other providers that will deliver great support and prices for domains.

The pictures below are from the 123 Reg website, looking for a new domain for my tutorials.


Example 1 – There is nothing wrong with the domain name itself, but the problem here is that this is expensive because of the demand.

Domain 1

Example 2 – simstutorials.co.uk is quite relevant to what I am looking for and a much better price.

Domain 2

I will be making a video later about purchasing your domain name.


To host your website, you will need to buy a hosting plan. There are lots of options out there, but the best strategy would be to look out for performance and speed. When Google looks at search optimisation, one thing it takes into consideration is the speed of the website.

The best option will always depend on the size of your business and website. For smaller businesses or freelancers, I would recommend either web/shared hosting or WordPress hosting. Web/shared hosting will normally use a function called cPanel where you can install different variations and applications. WordPress hosting costs around the same price, but it is only optimised for WordPress.

Medium sized businesses and businesses that want to increase website speed may benefit from premium hosting or VPS. The prices increase a lot when going from the first two options to the second two.

The second thing to think about is your hosting provider and carrying out some research before choosing a certain company will always benefit you. One of my favourite hosting providers at the moment, in terms of cost and performance, is Hostinger. This is a personal preference, so before purchasing, I would recommend doing some research.


If you are going to get a web developer for your website, they will sometimes charge a hosting fee, but this normally includes regular backups and maintenance of your website. Before buying any hosting, take some time to decide whether you are building your own website or having a web design company do this.

Thank you for reading this article. If you would like to ask a question please visit https://simswebsolutions.co.uk/contact-us/