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Looking for a sleek and modern website that represents your business in the best possible light? Look no further than our top-rated web design services in North East!  We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals, and create a custom design that meets your exact specifications. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to revamp an existing site

Looking for a sleek and modern website that represents your business in the best possible light? Look no further than our top-rated web design services in North East!  We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals.

The Design Process

Custom Web Design

With custom web design, you can have a website that is tailored specifically to your business’s needs and brand identity. Unlike pre-designed templates. 

Custom web design allows you to create a unique and personalized website that stands out from the competition.

Responsive Web Design

Good web design also ensures that your site is easy to navigate, fast-loading, and accessible across multiple devices, which can improve your search engine rankings and attract more traffic. Investing in web design can ultimately lead to more conversions, sales, and revenue for your business. In short, web design plays a critical role in building a successful online presence and should not be overlooked.

Small Business Design

Having a website can be a game-changer for small businesses as it provides them with a powerful online presence. One advantage of having a website is that it allows small businesses to reach a broader audience, even beyond their local community. A website can showcase a small business’s products or services to potential customers who may not have known about them otherwise. 


Hosting, Updates And Backups

Website hosting involves storing and making websites accessible on servers connected to the internet. It provides the infrastructure and resources necessary for websites to be available to users worldwide.

Domain Names

Domain names are unique and human-readable addresses that serve as a way to identify and locate websites on the internet. They provide a user-friendly alternative to the numerical IP addresses used by computers to communicate with each other.


We can provide your custom email address to match your domain name instead of your regular or why not have etc.


Just Meat Newcastle
Care 4U
Pro U Project
Yew Tree


Fantastic experience the website was everything, and more that I wanted . Very responsive nothing was too much to ask highly recommended.

Definitely be using them again in the future.

Yewtree Forge

Website development and hosting. I had an issue with my domain and Sims sorted it out for me without charging me anything at all. They designed and built my website and it has made a big difference to my business. Thanks Sims. Keep up the great work.

Care 4 U

Reached out to Sims web solutions as I needed a website to set up an online sweet shop, listened to all my needs and tailor made the website to suit.

On going support with questions answered very quickly

Get In My Jelly

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